Who Are We?

Co-founders Michael Kirk and Scott Frishman teamed up after meeting at Auburn University in the mid-90s. Their vision: to build a fun company that focuses on their commitment to the environment and offers support to the growing number of farmers and producers who practice sustainable agriculture. After having worked for a small organic produce company in Colorado, they came to Atlanta and founded Nature’s Garden Delivered.

About our Company

We are based in Norcross and service Atlanta, Athens, and surrounding areas. Simply input your zip code on our ‘Sign Up” page to see if we deliver to you. Check your zip-> Delivery AreaRead our full FAQ here
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Willow Springs Organic Garden Co-op  FAQ

Q: Where does the produce come from and how do I learn more about the company?

A: The produce comes from Natures Garden Delivered. Check out the web site for more info:  https://ga.naturesgardendelivered.com/

Q: When and where is the food delivered?
A: Our co-op boxes will be delivered each Friday (or every other Friday, if you choose) to the front door of the Co-op host. The delivery commitment is before 6 p.m. Typically deliveries arrive much earlier in the day. The host will work with you to safe-keep your box. 

Q: Who is the host for our Co-Op:

A: Currently the host is Nicole Hasty of 9850 Bankside Drive. You can call or text Nicole at 404-277-6989 or email her at mnhasty@gmail.com

Q: Can you stop or hold your Nature's Garden co-op account at anytime without penalty?
A: Yes. There is a hold option on the Nature's Garden Delivered website. Holds must be placed before 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

Q: How does the discount work?
A: Everybody's discount is the same based on the number of orders for the week. If we have three or less orders, we pay standard price. There is a discount for 4-9 orders (boxes) and an even deeper discount for over 10 orders (boxes).

Q: If the co-op drops to less than four members, does anything happen with our co-op?
A: No, we can still keep the co-op, we will just have to pay standard pricing for the boxes.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Call Michael Kirk at Nature's Garden Delivered (phone: 770-441-9976 mobile: 770-595-3594). Tell him you want to join the Willow Springs Co-op. Alternatively you can just go to the Natures Garden Delivered web page and click 'Join Co-op'. Then select Willow Springs Co-op from the drop-down menu.